How To Make Moving House Stress Free – Moving House Checklist

moving-house - furniture removals southportHow To Make Moving House Stress Free – Moving House Checklist, A bit strapped for cash then the option of moving your household furniture and goods yourself is an option for you. You can rent a Truck and do the packing and moving yourself with some help from family and friends.

If you do decide that this the way you want to go then you will need to think about how you are going to do undertake this task. It will take some preparation and co-ordination. I would suggest putting pen to paper as your first step.

Write out a moving house checklist

Write a list of everything you can possibly think of that you will need to make the job as stress free as possible. This will include times and dates in preparing to pack. Possible people available to help, to the amount of boxes you may need for packing.

As you work through your list of things to do, you will find yourself ticking off jobs as you go along making the task seem a lot easier. Don’t forget little details like marker pens and tape for your boxes. Start your packing about 4 weeks out from your planned moving time. Start by packing all those items that you will rarely use over this time so that when it does come to move the only items left to pack are the everyday essentials that you use.

Get the right truck

Depending on the size of your house and the amount of furniture you have, will determine the truck size you will require to make the move. Give yourself plenty of time to look at your options to ensure you get the best rate for your truck hire. Loading your furniture and boxes into a truck can require a little skill so that you fit everything in properly.

Make sure when you hire a furniture removal truck that they can provide little extras that you will require to move, for example a trolley, ropes and straps, bubble wrap, padding and blankets to place between furnishings to avoid marking or scratches.

Do one room at a time over this period and stack all completed boxes in the garage or downstairs room with proper labeling on all sides of the boxes so that you know exactly where everything goes when it is time to unpack. By doing a little bit at a time you will find the job of moving not so stressful and easy.

Packing properly is important

Remember to put fragile on all boxes that have breakable items and make sure that everything is tightly packed so that that there is very little movement in the boxes. Use paper or bubble wrap between crockery and glass items, ornaments etc. There will be 101 little items that you will have to pack securely to ensure they all get to there destination in one piece.

You may find yourself doing a couple of trips to the local tip to dump accumulated junk over the years. Moving actually provides a great opportunity to have a good clean up and get rid of all your unnecessary household items and old clothing.

Moving can be back breaking work

By the time you arrange for the truck to come in to move everything it should be pretty straight forward. There will be alot of heavy lifting so make sure you have the man power to make this job as easy as possible on everyone involved. Use equipment where necessary to save back breaking lifts. Sudden exertion on muscles that are not used to this manual work can have dire effects. Be careful to use the right lifting techniques to avoid injuries.

At this point everything on your moving house checklist should be crossed off.

Happy Moving.

How To Make Moving House Stress Free – Moving House Checklist

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