Interstate Removals

Interstate RemovalsInterstate removals need to be planned with a little more care than a local move. Depending on what state you move too you may require additional transferring of your furniture from one transport mode to another. Obviously there will be extra paper work involved and therefore a little more attention to detail will be required.

It is extremely important therefore that your packaging and house boxes are clearly marked so that items can be packed in there correct positions and order for unpacking when they eventually arrive at the destination. You may be sharing a removal truck with another customer if you have a half truck load of items still to be transported. Hence the importance of clearly marking all your items.

Some of the following tips will be helpful in making your interstate move a smooth transition.

Have a Plan
Having a plan will definitely make the process of moving a lot easier and less stressful. Sometimes its easy to underestimate the detail required in organising a move and the time it takes to get your households goods and furniture ready for  pick up.

So that the task does not become too overwhelming plan to do a little at a time. Make a list of all your items and a to do list and work your way through your list to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything.

Once you have chosen your preferred interstate removals contractor discuss with them exactly what services they can provide to make your job easier as long as it’s within your allocated budget. You may want them to provide your boxes for moving house. Estimate how many you will need and get a couple of extra boxes just in case you need them. Clearly packing and labeling these boxes will be one of the most important tasks you will undertake.

Labeling House Boxes

A good idea is to label your boxes by room numbers for example Bedroom 1 items etc. When it comes to unpacking you will appreciate having done this correctly as it will make your job alot easier. You will be given a job number by the removalist company so make sure you to mark this on your boxes with your name, address and contact numbers. You may also want to include a list of all the items you have packed in the boxes as well.

Make sure all important documents and valuables are clearly marked and easily accessible just in case you may need to locate them in an emergency. Afford transporting unnecessary junk. Have a garage sale take everything else to the dump. This is a good opportunity to have a clean out.

Regulations and Contingencies

A lot of movers overlook the fact that there are also quarantine regulations that apply to many states that prohibit the transport of animals, pets, plants, soil etc. and other materials. Ask your removalists about this,  check with the quarantine department of the state that you are moving to, so that you may avoid any inconvenience and breaking of any relevant state laws.

Remember to allow for holdups especially on long distance interstate trips. Keep in constant contact with your removalists contractors through the main office and monitor every transition stage. As you know Australia is prone to freak weather conditions, floods, cyclones and bushfires etc. breakdowns, accidents, road closures so always allow for some delays.

Don’t put yourself under pressure by assuming there will be no hold-ups. That’s why it is important to have a contingency plan in place in case the unexpected does happen. Get regular updates on expected ETA’s of your furniture to your destination fom the main office of your interstate removals contractor.

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