Moving House Checklist & Tips

Moving House Checklist & PackagingMoving House Checklist & Tips Moving house is definitely one of the biggest household tasks you may have to undertake one day. If you have to move then get yourself organised from the outset by compiling a moving house checklist and this will ensure minimum stress when the time comes.

Start by getting out a note book and start a list of things to do. Once you have everything noted down, life just becomes that much easier and you can start ticking off your checklist as you begin packing. Once you have your list you can determine how many boxes and other packaging materials you will need to pack everything in.

Take your time and be careful with all your packing, the last thing you want when you unpack is to find broken ornaments, kitchenware and other prized possessions you own. By preparing your move well in advance will definitely make the move a lot less stressful and will give you piece of mind that everything is where it should be and packed in such a way that there should be no breakages during the delivery of your household items to your new address.


7 great tips to a stress free move:


1.  Once you have compiled your moving house checklist, you can estimate the size and number of boxes for moving house you will need to pack all your items in for every room. You don’t want to find at the last minute you may be short on a few boxes. If anything get more, you can always take them back.


2.  A good idea is to start packing early with items you don’t use on a daily basis, that will enable you to pack away up to 50% of items well in advance. If you do a few boxes at a time over3-4 weeks it will make the job so much easier and will not seem like a major task at all.


3.  Make sure that all your boxes are properly labelled for every room. The last thing you want when it comes time to unpack is to start looking for items that belong in a certain room and because you haven’t labelled them properly you can’t find them. Don’t forget to label boxes fragile if you have breakable items in them like crockery and class ware.


4.  Once your items are securely marked and packed into your boxes make sure that you seal the boxes top and bottom with proper packaging tape. You don’t want your boxes falling apart or opening up during transit because you failed to securely wrap them in tape. You may need to wrap them twice or even three times in thickness to secure them properly.


5.  Make sure you have plenty of soft spungy foam material or polystyrene, linen, cushions, blankets or pillows to place between breakable items. Always put heavier items on the bottom of the boxes and lighter objects to the top. Make sure the padding is firm between items to ensure as little movement as possible.


6.  Try not to overfill boxes, this could cause the boxes to split or the tape to come unstuck. Fill them to the point where they can be handled without too much difficulty by the packers. Keep the weight of boxes to approx. 25kg max.


7.  When marking boxes mark them on all sides top and bottom so they can be placed correctly when packing and unpacking. You may even want to number them or with specific details of the contents. This is always a good idea.

 Have a special box for loose items like screw off/on legs for beds, draws, nuts and bolts etc. put these in a plastic bag clearly labelled and note which box these items are in. Place all packed boxes in an easy location to get at when it comes time to load up the truck. Remember heavier boxes on the bottom. Buy following these 7 essential tips you can now do away with your moving house checklist.


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