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Removalist Gold Coast Family on the moveRemovalists Gold Coast – Choosing The right One - Deciding on the right removalists on the Gold Coast can be tricky when you have so many furniture removal companies to choose from. Your first priority is to find a removal company that is suitable for the job you want them to undertake. Don’t go for a big international company when the job requires only a small to medium home removalist company. Of course you will be looking for a moving house company that has the experience, is priced right and preferably a local company.

The ideal company will have a good track record for providing a professional service, have been around for a while and are very competitive with their quotes. You can also read some reviews or testimonials on their website if they have one. Give them a call explain over the phone what is required and see how they respond. Are they polite and courteous. Your first encounter over the phone will give you an idea what the company is like from the first response you get. Are they helpful, professional in their manner when dealing with potential clients.

If you are happy with their response, take your query to the next step and ask about pricing and availability of  removalist trucks on the date you wish to move. The last think you want is a company not sure if they can do the move when you want them too. Now most companies will offer some options on pricing the job, it can be on an hourly rate for the men and truck or it can be a flat rate for the job. Just make sure that there are no hidden costs.

Get at least three quotes, you should know by now that the cheapest is not necessarily the best. Too cheap can mean problems that will arise once they have the job. Go for the most competitive price from the most professional company in your view. I have heard of instances where removalists have been contracted for a job only to turn up with a truck too small for the job and then claiming extra charges to do another load.

Make sure the removalist company are careful with your furniture and packing. Make sure they have insurances in place if for some reason damages occur. Read our blog on 7 tips for packing if you don’t mind doing that yourself. Having everything already packed in boxes already to go will save you money and make the job for the removalists a lot quicker saving you time and money.

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